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WX-78's origin

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Daemonic    35

Wilson was messing around in his lab, as usual. He was working on a project for the time, a synthetic human. He wanted to use it as a lab assistant and a calculator. He spent months tinkering with it, adding one thing and removing another until he was sure he had made the perfect servant after 78 long tries. He added human features to it to make it look like him. It was the Wilson X Mark 78, or WX-78 for short. When he switched it on it recognized Wilson as his master and the only good "meatbag". However it had a malfunctioning empathy module, which was critical for Wilsons experiments on mice at the time, he shut it down and took off the fake skin, leaving it with just the bronze shell, and kept it in the closet where it stayed for years. Eventually when the day came that Wilson activated Maxwell's Door, the energy generated from the shadow hands started the robot up again. It managed to find the door, hoping to find it's master on the other side. Maxwell saw this, and wanted to see how an automaton would deal with his world and dragged WX-78 through the same as Wilson.Tell me if you liked it :DCriticism is welcome.

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