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[Crash] game crash while effigy activates during autosave

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qwerm    17

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game crash while effigy activates during autosave

Steps to reproduce

trigger an effigy right as autosave initiates

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well, i'm at a complete friggin loss for words right now, but I got swarmed and I died right on the cusp of morning, and as the game zoomed over to an effigy, the game freezes, and before it could get me back into the game, the game crashes.

relaunching the game also shows that i've lost my game even though I had no less than 3 effigies to fall back on. not somuch upset about dieing, but moreso over losing my game due to a crappy bug like this, I think i'm gonna take a break for a week or two, because I don't feel like putting my fist through my monitor.

and ON TOP OF that, I didn't even get any experience for my effort, I must have have close to 100 days not accounted for because of this bug.

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