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[Suggestion] Magic mirror on the wall who is the strongest that we all?

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Ok, so I look for the magic itens and What did I remember "magic mirror" from snow white!

them i realize there is no glass on the game, but there is loot's of gold that can also work has a reflective object.

So my suggestion is to be able to build a magic mirror, that we could use to retrive information that is no near our eyes too see, the potential of this item is huge, has huge has the game it self, but for the moment here is something that comes into my mind.

using the magic mirror could allow us to:

- Information about all or specific amount of specie(s) in the map, for exemple I want to kill some Buffalos for meat, but I had allready kill somany of them, is the puplation of buffalos almost exstint or can i kill a 3 more, did it grow up since last kills?

- how many spider nest are on the map

- Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the strongest of us all? - for exemple if the mirror say that is not u, u could quest yourself to go kill the strongest beast on the map and becaume the ultimate strongest creature on the map. Who say strongest can say other thing.

- It could also be used for tips, "mirrior mirror on the wall, what the hell is this for?"

u get the picture right :confused:

Thanks for your attention,


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