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[Main Thread] Crafting menu stays open

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boyhowdy    10

I hope I'm not just missing something, but the item detail (recipe?) in the crafting menu is stuck open. If I change which category I'm looking at the active ("stuck") item changes to the first item in that category. Whichever one I had open last will persist even if I dismiss the item list. Hovering over another recipe causes it's detail to appear underneath the one that's stuck open.

I can't give specific reproduction steps because I didn't notice precisely when it got stuck. I can tell you this much:

[*]The game instance/tab that I'm having the problem with is the same one I purchased the game in earlier tonight.

[*]After purchasing I played one ~45 minute game, then choose the retry option twice (died quickly on the first one). It was definitely not stuck prior to the second retry; I noticed it shortly thereafter.

[*]I'm fairly certain that I didn't ever use the "Build" button on the recipe detail. I tend to build everything by clicking on the item in the list.

[*]So far in this game I've crafted two traps, at least two axes, at least one pick, four cut stone, and three boards, more or less in that order.

Wish I could pin it down better than that. I"ll try to keep an eye out for it in the future. Thanks!

ninja edit (wrong forum for that, I guess): Just noticed that the stuck item is larger than the ones that appear under it. It's almost like it's pinned, but I can't find a way to unpin it.

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jtkirk2000    10

I am running into this issue also. What makes it even more annoying is that sometimes one of the menu items will get stuck and other items I need to craft or at least examine will pop under the stuck menu item.

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RottenJeeves    10

Bug Submission

Please choose a category



  • [*]

Issue title

GUI crafting panel stuck.

Steps to reproduce

Exploring the crafting panel

Describe your issue

I noticed that when exploring the crafting GUI that sometimes it gets stuck open. For example: I will click to craft a axe and the menu will not close. Even if I manage to some how close it, it just pops right back open on its own.
The only way I have got it to fix is to restart the game completely.

Thanks, keep up the good work.

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