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[Gameplay] Chopped trees will not regrow.


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Chopped trees will not regrow.

Steps to reproduce

1. Chop trees until tree guardian is summoned.

2. Lead it away.

3. Chop trees again in the same area that spawned the first tree guardian until another tree guardian is summoned.

4. Lead it away.

5. 50 days later and those trees have not regrown.

Describe your issue

I was setting up an area close to base camp where I could chop would. Planted a bunch of pine cones and went back a few days later to begin chopping them. I summoned a tree guardian and led it away from my wood chopping area. I went back to my tree area the next day, planted more pine cones and started chopping wood again. I summoned another tree guardian and led it away. Went back to my tree area and rinsed & repeated. After a week or two in game I noticed that all the trees I chopped down before were not growing back. I thought maybe the tree guardians were tied to this somehow, so I tracked them down and killed them.......still no new tree growth. 40 days later I ran to another area a few islands over and no matter what, trees i chop down will not grown back.

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