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[Gameplay] frozen pig men?


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frozen pig men?

Steps to reproduce

unsure? maybe chop trees down with pig men, while the sun is about to come up, add a spider attack if possible. havn't had this happen before even with all these things happening

Describe your issue

was chopping trees down at night with 6 pig men and spiders attacked, after fighting away about 8 spiders the sun came out ( we were close enough to my camp fire that the pigs didn't freak out) and after the sun came out and i cleared a few of my trees away i noticed that 3 of the pig men were just standing still? they arent moving at all, not helping chop down trees even though they are saying their normal "smash mean tree" type stuff, i can still give them food but im trying not to to see if they will run home and fix the problem

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