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No such thing as a free ride

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paperhero    10

Maybe a carriage can be introduced into 'Don't starve' as a transport possibility, drawn by pigs or beefalos. You craft the carriage, then you bait pigs or beefalos with meat/grass to harness them.

You can't use the cab to run away from mobs because a perquisite would involve feeding the pig/beefalo a minimum of X meat/grass before you're able set off. The animals should wander off if you don't feed them, wander too far away from the carriage or if they're spooked by monsters. It should be commonplace for you to ride the cab to a faraway destination but not have a ride back.

I like the idea of having vehicles in 'Don't starve' but I don't think it should be reliable, easily accessible/crafted or abused (used to escape from monsters).

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