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[Gameplay] Isn't it too easy to get free rabit meat?


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Isn't it too easy to get free rabit meat?

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your site don't allow me to use attachment manager so i'm useing my blog to upload jpgs







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your recent patch changed rabbit AI to run direact to thier hole, not just run away from you


1. stand by Rabit - His hiding Hole - You

2. Now Going to destroy the Rabbit

3. Rabbit will run to His hole (which mean run directly Forward to you, poor thing)

4. You will automaticly Kill him when rabbit bypassing you

5. ???

6. Free Morsel without any trap

7. Profit

p.s. also. steam doesnt' show profer game name at players status


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It still seems a little too easy... I'm still able to easily get 10 to 15 morsels in a day from rabbit hunting, using this method.

The new update does make the remaining on-screen rabbits run back to their holes and hide, but not the off-screen ones, so all I need to do is keep moving, and I'll quickly find more prey in a few seconds. After roughly 15 seconds, those initial hiding rabbits come back out.

It really makes the basket-trap a useless item, if hunting is this easy... perhaps adjusting the rabbits so that if they get spooked at all during a day, they won't come back out until the following day?

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