Game crashes without error report


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Was greatly looking forward to this game but when ever I attempt to play it blinks back to desktop without an error report , nothing.

Im running Win 8 Pro 64 on an i7 3720 QM laptop. I have an nvidia GTX 680M GPU and 8GB RAM.

I have configured the nvidia panel to run via the 680M and verified the files. Still nothing. Justgets to the main menu and sometimes into the opening sequence before BLINK , im back on my desktop without a sign somethings wrong.

Please advise.

DXDIAG file here .....

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Hey Thanks for the reply with the follow up. This is really helpful.

The game should run on Windows 8, if it works in 7 Compatibility Mode, but not right from 8, it sounds like perhaps a driver for something works better in Win 7, or needs a manual update to support 8 better.

If you get a chance, can you let us know what kind of computer you're on? Laptop or Tower?

Also, did Windows 8 come with your computer, or did you upgrade?

And finally, what PC specs / hardware you have.

Thanks for the info!

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