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[Graphics] Every afternoon the game only shows the field!


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Every afternoon the game only shows the field!

Steps to reproduce

This issue occurred when I was trying to survive... the usual, when all of a sudden the game only shows the yellow straw field!

Describe your issue

While I was playing randomly the world disappeared into the yellow straw field and now I can't see anything, only hear the music, the tab map makes the sound but no image, the menu doesn't appear and it happens each afternoon! So I can't get passed the day, so it only reloads my earlier save at mourning!

I've submitted this bug a while ago, but I didn't get really much of a reply since I'm desperate at the moment. I do apologize if I am annoying you know but it's driving me insane!

Please help, anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Zachary.

PS I'd send an image but don't think it will fit. However I recorded it and now I will be sharing it.

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Same thing happening to me (steam version), at the beginning of every other dusk i only see the terrain, and when you look at the map using <tab> it also looks strange, you only see the landscape and the orientation is also wrong (as if you were looking from below and not fom top).

Started happening a few hours ago. I have a game with a lot of spider nests (planted around 20 additional ones), maybe it has something to do with spawning spiders (just a guess).

Link to image of map: http://imgur.com/JonPf

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Same issue here. I'm on the Chrome app and I've played Day 25 at least 5 times. Every afternoon, it zooms into the center of my world map, and I can zoom all the way out and zoom in, but that's the limit of my ability (no menus, no nothing). The sound effects continue but the game does not - it should save as the time changes, but instead it bugs out. One time I was cooking food during the time-change, and I could still hear myself cooking for several minutes before I gave up and closed the thing out.

I've tried restarting chrome. I'm sad about the inability to progress. :(

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I had my very first meat effigy on that map. I hadn't used it yet, so I ran out to a field full of cows and killed myself with them. After I died, my game zoomed in to my meat effigy (presumably to resurrect me) and promptly returned this error:

Error: : data\scripts\entityscript.lua:69: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'x' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: data\scripts\entityscript.lua(69,1) in function 'GetSaveRecord' data\scripts\components\container.lua(181,1) in function 'OnSave' data\scripts\entityscript.lua(737,1) in function 'GetPersistData' data\scripts\entityscript.lua(77,1) in function 'GetSaveRecord' data\scripts\main.lua(449,1) in function 'SaveGame' data\scripts\components\resurrector.lua(37,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\scheduler.lua(150,1) in function 'OnTick' data\scripts\scheduler.lua(353,1) in function 'RunScheduler' data\scripts\update.lua(74,1)

I'm starting a new game, and I'll report back if I'm still getting the same dusk glitch.

P.S. No progress was made, despite my reaching the end of Day 25. Didn't even unlock the girl. At least my research points are still spent.

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i'm suspecting this bug has to do with the day/night transition when the game initiates autosave, try to watch the game clock and idle in the seconds going into the autosave, and see if that helps!

i've been tinkering with this bug in my own thread


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Yeah I think it's with the day/night changing..or loading too many spiders? Really am not sure what this is, but it's apparently common for Steam users. I've sent a video and my save for them to fix it so.. I guess we can play on Tuesday.

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