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[Graphics] Using the wrong tool for the job (Visual Bug Only)


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Using the wrong tool for the job (Visual Bug Only)

Steps to reproduce

1) Equip a shovel

2) Order a tree stump to be dug up

3) Quickly change tools

4) Watch the wrong tool be used to dig up the stump

Describe your issue

I have uploaded a video showing how to reproduce this bug here:

This visual bug affects all tools for all jobs as long as its the last time the job needs to be done.

For example, mining a rock. Hit the rock 5 times with a pickaxe, then walk away a few steps, order your guy/girl to mine the rock, and switch the pickaxe for something else, such as the axe or a spear. The rock will be mined and broken, and you'll visually see whatever equipped tool be used instead of the pickaxe.

This is a visual bug only and cannot be used to exploit durability loss on tools.

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