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[Exploit] Rabbit trap empty


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Rabbit trap empty

Steps to reproduce

Place bait to trap a rabbit, then click to pick up the trap just before the rabbit enters

Describe your issue

I was a little way from a trap containing bait to catch a rabbit. I saw the rabbit was about to enter the trap so I clicked on it thinking I would get the morsel and trap back by the time I got there. The rabbit was trapped a split second later but when I picked up the trap the rabbit and the bait were gone and I received no morsel of meat.

I thought maybe it was a glitch so I tried it again and it did the same.

I figure this is a bug/glitch you already know about, but thought it would be best to make sure I tell you just in case you weren't aware of it. Better you hear about it twice than not at all.

This issue does seem to happen every time you do this, but I didn't try it again after the second attempt as I didn't want to waste a rabbit AND the bait just to see them disappear.

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