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[Graphics] Water missing blablabla


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Water missing blablabla

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how would i know? map is randomly generated, these required boxes are dumb

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Since i obviously don't have the permission to use attachments...

I was on the bottom of the map. Ocean just didn't exist lower than x. Guess the map was bigger than the background...

(15 char min for the title, srsly?)

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there was no animosity, but it does say in the rules for reporting bugs to do a search so there are no repeated posts. You could have just added to the original post. Just saying... I will also link you to the OP seeing as you "cant find it"


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How about you chill the f*** out and let the thread drown in the subforum?

Also whoa i didn't check the reported buglist and searched for water instead of sea.

And on a sidenote, seems like it wasn't reported enough times, since it's still an occuring bug and maybe more reports give the info missing to fix it. So get over yourself, especially you Agorag, playing deputy and not searching enough yourself (lol).

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