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Mary's Shadow

Don't Starve - Mary's Realm: A text-based adventure that YOU can be a part of!

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Okay, hello and good day!

This is the ASK BOX for an upcoming adventure that I am hoping to start up, called Mary's Realm. The concept behind it is two threads - One with the on-going story as chosen by YOU, the forum poster, and the other with all of the commands for the story.

The process is simple: I will post part of my writing. It'll be about the situation at hand, and then there will be a little sign at the bottom:


At which point, you get to choose what happens by posting a comment below with your command in there.

So, I'll do a quick example:


You awaken on an unknown island. There's a rabbit here, and some sticks. What do you do?



Your comment should be something like this:

> Picks up the sticks

If you're interested and such, leave a comment below about it!

Some rules and other things:

~ I will try to answer as many comments as I can in one post, but don't be upset if your one wasn't chosen.

~ Try to keep the comments in the main thread to a minimum, so people can read the ongoing story.

~ This is based off of many text-based games, so silly/impossible commands may be acknowledged but simply go to a default phrase like "You don't know how to ____!"

And now, for the opening post!


It's dark.

You've been lying down for such a long time. Everything hurts, as if someone set you alight and left you to burn fiercely for a few hours. You cannot see. You cannot move. All you can do is listen to the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps crunching through dry grass towards you. You feel an icy coldness coming from your side as the being approaches, getting close to you. A smooth, calm, feminine voice reaches your ear.

" don't look all that good. Maybe you better find somewhere to sleep before night comes!"

You sink back into the darkness as her laughter, soft and musical like a silver bell, fades away.


When you do awaken, you're lying face-first on some discoloured, dry grass. Your mind seems to pitch and reel at every noise, so you decide to run through the basics.

Your name is Wilson.

You are the greatest gentleman Scientist this world has ever seen.

You have woken up in the middle of nowhere, in a land you don't recognise, a series of islands surrounded by water.

There are trees here, some small, dried-out shrubs with no leaves but many twigs, a few Rabbit Holes, two Berry Bushes and a small pile of Flint Rock near you right now.

Shelter. Food. Survival.

What do you do?


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Battal    9887

I see how it and my friends have a 2500 page long one of these xD

- - - Updated - - -

I would join, but a general rule on these forums for RPs are that your character can only be in one place at a time...

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I would join, but a general rule on these forums for RPs are that your character can only be in one place at a time...

Well, that's the thing - you're not, in fact, your character. You'll be giving commands to Wilson, and it's completely OOC. Everyone is controlling this one character. It's more of a story (fanfic? I dunno what you call it) than an RP, where you ask for a command, and I'll try to put it in. There's an overall story to it that we will get to eventually.UPDATE: The opening post has been put onto the page, and I'll be making the story thread now! Edited by Mary's Shadow

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I'd grab all of that flint there. I'd also grab some berrys, but I'm not hungry enough to grab them right now.

You ponder over grabbing all of the flint on the island. Just as you were about to predict what would happen when you have grabbed all of the flint, you elect to take some berries off of the bush. When you are hungry enough to do so, of course.

They'd just make a horrible stain if you put them in your pocket for later.

> Pick up flint and grab some sticks. Look around for grass.

Wilson has picked up five(5) Twigs

Wilson has picked up five(5) Flint

Now, these...these are items you could use. Perhaps to make a fire, or something along those lines. Your eyes scan the area for some grass, since the stuff at your feet just seems to be....

You stare at the grass at your feet. Right at your feet. There's a limitless supply of this stuff and yet you cannot use it, because it doesn't look...useful, to you. No, you need a certain type of grass for your goals, and these pale green, crispy strands of uselessness simply will not do.

It does appear to be useful to the rabbits, though, because two of them have just hopped out of the little rabbit hole to nibble on the grass.

While you would go further in your search for grass, something seems to hold you back a little - a gut instinct to perhaps better equip yourself before diving head-first into the unknown.

You try to remember that voice from earlier and you shudder from the chill that goes through your spine. Not yet. You can't think about that mystery right now.

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aredshroom    238

> Use 1 twig and 1 flint to make an axe. Pick berries if starting to hunger, then look around for piney trees and (continued from earlier) grass.[by the way, there's a misspelling in the title. xD You're doing a good job so far!]

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> Use 1 twig and 1 flint to make an axe. Pick berries if starting to hunger...

Well, you are quite peckish.

Wilson has picked up three(3) Bunches of Red Berries

Ah. You know how to do this. An axe! A beautiful, primal weapon for chopping down trees. Nature shall be under your thumb once more with this excellent tool of pure, gentlemanly tree-murdering. Your hands blur as you somehow affix the piece of flint onto the twig, and out comes an axe, finely sharpened with a durable handle.

Wait, what?

Go back a minute. What did you use to fix it on there? When did that flint become so sharp? And you only used a twig...what? Shortly after, the axe promptly devolves back into one piece of flint, and one twig. You stare at the conponents in disbelief.

Your hands blur again as you somehow affix the piece of flint onto the twig, and out comes an axe.

It looks like the moment you realise that it cannot exist, it'll promptly break down. Looks like nature won this round, at least. You opt to ignore it's impossibility and may study it later, but you really do need some firewood, at least. And something to eat. This whole 'breaking the laws of phyiscs' thing made you completely forget about your hunger, so you shove a Bunch of Red Berries down your throat and good god do they taste foul, like you just ate a lemon covered in vinegar.

You spend the next two minutes trying to un-pucker your lips and salivating to get that horrific taste out of your mouth.

Wilson now has four(4) Twigs

Wilson now has four(4) Flint

Wilson now has two(2) Bunches of Red Berries

...then look around for piney trees and (continued from earlier) grass.

You can actually see a couple of trees right by you. And you've got an axe. It's not exactly rocket science, it's more logic or biology. The first thing you opt to do is size up your foe, and the first thing that blurts out of your mouth is "It's all Piney!"

You frown. Perhaps you needed to confirm this to yourself, like a vocal command from the eyes to the brain since your neurons are not working? Or is it the island? this like the whole 'axe' incident?

You stop thinking for a while. The last thing you would like to do is break Science. Science has been your only friend. It's been the one thing that hasn't really changed ever, and you've been breaking it with your inventions so far. Instead of going through this sudden epiphany that so far the only thing you've invented is physically impossible, you get to work on chopping down the tree.

And, for your own piece of mind, it actually is a pine tree. So at least your observation was correct.

Wilson has picked up five(5) Logs

Ah, okay then. The grass. You almost forgot about it - now is certainly the time to go and look for it.


You've left your starting point behind after inspecting the general area. You are now walking in a darker, densely wooded area - the sunlight is blocked by hundreds, even thousands of pine needles which cast unsettling shadows upon the darker grass.

You seem to have a...a problem, in which whenever you look at a tree and try to identify it's type you automatically blurt out "It's all Piney!" and spend the next few minutes trying to figure out why exactly you continue to do that. This island certainly isn't what it seems.

>Look at the sky.

You cannot see the sky right now, but you're so determined to do so that her chop down one of the smaller trees just to see that blue sky, with it's sunlight and warmth and happiness.

Wilson has picked up two(2) Logs

And, it's completely cloudy.

You opt to spend a little more time staring at the sky. What's the worst that can happen?


Seven(7) Logs

Four(4) Flint

Four(4) Twigs

Two(2) Bunches of Red Berries


(( NOTE: I can't seem to figure out how to fix the title! D: Any tips? (Still a newb.) ))

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>Explore. (Continue searching for grass)

-Explore for a new place, filled with grass, and rabbits. (savannah)

You stop staring at the sky for a moment as the idea of a beautiful, golden rolling plain with small rabbits and tufts of perfect grass crosses your mind. This - this must be what you are trying to search for. You steel yourself, strengthen your resolve and set out of the forest with one goal - to find this area of golden grass, like a Savannah.

You find yourself walking across the pale green grass, passing by the odd tree and flower and listening to the ever-present roll of the sea in the background. Armed only with an axe and the objects in your pocket, you begin to notice how horribly unprepared you are for any sort of terrible situation.

It's a good thing that nothing, so far, has happened to you yet.

Fate appears to love watching you tame this rough landscape, as the moment you pass the sixth...seventh tree, a bushel of tall, pale, golden strands of usefulness stand like a beacon of hope against the dark and dreary landscape.

You do not give fate a chance to take away this precious boon.

Wilson has picked up three(3) Grass

There we go! That should be enough for now. You try desperately to claw at the stumps left but there really isn't anything you can use down there, it's all dank and slightly mouldy, as if the grass grew to a certain height and then stopped all of a sudden.

Just as you start to contemplate how brilliantly you're doing so far, the sky suddenly darkens and the ground below your feet turns into a pale burgundy shade. For a moment you panic blindly until your scientific reasoning comes to light.



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