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[Gameplay] Burnt Trees Regrow - No Audio when cutting

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Issue title

Burnt Trees Regrow - No Audio when cutting

Steps to reproduce

1. Burn tree

2. Don't cut it down

3. Wait a few in-game days

4. Revisit area

5. Cut down newly grown trees

Describe your issue

When I burnt an area to retrieve the charcoal, I left 4 trees burnt and not cut down.

When I later revisited the area I noticed that they had regrew into normal trees. When I tried to cut them the axe-cutting sound does not kick in but the tree still gets cut just fine. Upon cutting down the tree it drops both tree stuff (logs and pine cones) as well as a piece of charcoal.

I'm not entirely sure if burnt trees coming back to life as real trees is a design choice or not, but I'm pretty sure the Axe-cutting-tree audio bit not playing when cutting down these trees is a bug.

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