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Sir Octopus

The Story Of Popcorn the Smallbird

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Sir Octopus    10

Im going to tell you the story of a little bird i took under my wing in the early days of dont starve (around day 7)i saw his egg in his nest when i adventured not very far from my spawn, i locked my attention on him, until his parent can to protect him, i left and make a base,it was around day 4 until i came back, he has not hatched yet it was near dusk and i took the egg and i started runnig to the nearby wormhole. hit parent saw me gave chase but there was a road so i was too fast for him. i took him to my base kept him warm during the nights, by the time he hatched i had 3 advanced farms. we spent our time frolicking in the savannas with the beefalo until he chirped and my stomach started to growl until i realized, my crops were wielding hardly any food and all the berries had been plucked i was realizing..we were starving..for 3 days we had to survive an little to no food, berries and the occasional seed. at this point summer was at its peak and the beefalo were in heat, we could hear the hounds growling at us in the night,preparing for their attack. The following morning i went to the beefalo for help, they were not so happy by approach and the dogs were also attacking, popcorn noticed my distress and let out a yell to help kill the hounds. the beefalo were preparing to charge, at the time i thought was me, until i saw their direction was towards popcorn. before i could even act the beefalo already stuck and killed him. after killing the wolfs, i Shaved them in the night and killed them in the morning, they killed popcorn i led the rest of their pack into the nearby pig village where my pig friends killed the last of them, i wore their furs to hide among them, and i used their meat to make meat stew, Revenge had never tasted so for the morsel popcorn left....i couldnt let it rot, so i made meatballs...its what he would have wanted. the day i made the meatballs is the day i made a memorial for him... this was the saddest moment in my gaming experience...ever

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