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Reiinox    10

I feel like most players can agree that once they are able to survive into late game, the game becomes extremely easy. The developers are already working on making one option less viable: berry farming. However, with the new addition of fishing, I feel like it came with another way to easily survive. For those not aware, ponds are only found in swamp areas, which also contains thorny trees, large numbers of spider nests, and tentacles.

Now, let's look at the requirements to make a fishing rod: 2 twigs and 2 silk. Mentioned previously, swamps have multiple spider nests which provide a very easy way to access silk. Also mentioned, they contain thorny trees which yield twigs, instead of logs. So basically, all ingredients of making a fishing rod can be found in the area where it's needed.

If a player was to set up camp in the swamp area near a pond, they can just fish all day for food and make more fishing rods if needed. Frogs also occasionally appear from ponds which dies in one hit and also drops a pair of frog legs. There is basically no way for the player to take damage, unless he/she accidentally wanders off and gets killed by tentacles (easily avoided by being careful), forgets to build a fire, or similar mistakes. So, with an infinite amount of food from ponds and almost no way to take damage, it becomes extremely easy to survive.

My suggestions:

1. Make some sort of fish or frog boss. So, maybe every now and then, the player can fish up a monster that is difficult to kill or a giant frog appears that aggros the player. It would similar to a Treant appearing when chopping down trees.

2. Make ponds contain a limited amount of resource. If Beefalos can't reproduce and give an endless supply of meat, why can fishes and frogs, when that strategy takes significantly less risk?

3. Make fishing rods harder to craft.

4. Make fishing rods require bait. I mean, why are the fishes even biting when there's nothing there?

Other suggestions are welcome, or maybe there's another side to this strategy that makes it a lot more difficult to execute that I havn't noticed already?

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