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[Gameplay] Backpack Duplication

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Issue title

Backpack Duplication

Steps to reproduce

I was using the test build sinse the normal version didn't work , when i made a backpack and had my hands empty in-game and had a full inventory with a backpack with spaces in.

Describe your issue

I was Using the test build because my normal version didn't work , so I built a backpack.

I Had a full inventory with some spaces in a backpack , i wasn't equipping anything but the backpack.

When i built a new pickaxe , axe and shovel to put in my backpack each at different times when the same scenario above happened , i would get double of that item. But everytime i chopped a tree with the one in my hand , the one in the backpack lost the % too , but i had a scenario where I had 2 axes to use. basically meaning the other axe was a waste of space.

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