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[Gameplay] Multiple Mandrakes won't follow

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Issue title

Multiple Mandrakes won't follow

Steps to reproduce

I went out in the night purposely to bring 2 living mandrakes back to my camp. Turned out that only one would follow me and the other just danced. Even when I went back to get the second he only danced once I uprooted him.

Describe your issue

So I headed out to the forest during the night to awaken and bring back to my camp 2 Mandrakes which I found. I plucked the first and he started to follow me, so I went and plucked the second. The second was active and dancing but wouldn't move at all, I tried interacting with him but I couldn't do anything with the second one once he was dug up. I decided to take the first back to my camp and come back later for the second. The next night I went to grab the second Mandrake but found once I uprooted him he was still stuck on the spot just dancing. He wouldn't even face me to show that he was attached to me or willing to follow, he just bounced on the spot doing his happy dance. I gave up in the end and just left him there.

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