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Tamir    1239

geni0529, on 09 Aug 2014 - 01:29 AM, said:

......... im determined not to laugh at Maxwell and Wilson.......... I don't think I can stop my self though , great art

Rodwell deserves it : P

Willette, on 14 Aug 2014 - 6:14 PM, said:

i'll take 8

I'm sorry but we're out of Maxwells atm. Will a bunch of shenanigans do?

CirrusMoth, on 16 Aug 2014 - 01:20 AM, said:

I've been really enjoying this comic! You've got an awesome style. Any idea when we'll get to see the next installment?

I haven't seen you around before, always nice to see new users :grin:

Comic progress can be found at my DeviantArt profile. It looks like this:


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Tamir    1239

dat beard doe

dat beard doe



Oh dear...I mean, oh Deer....

WB Miss!

I stalk the forums every day :]


here comes his magnificent beard

Unless... SHAVE

OMG awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.

Maxwell strongly disagrees xD

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Tamir    1239



Good to see ya again.

I was gone? I check Klei forums, DeviantArt and Tumblr every day :]


*mainlines Miss' fix straight into bloodstream, I never will quit this!*

Healthy stuff! And don't forget to apply a layer of nightmare fuel on your skin before bed.


*drinks it straight from the source*



Oh great, melodramatic psuedo-vampires.


Anyways, welcome back, I am defying the laws of gravity, etc.

Well I've never been gone but hi I guess :grin: I'm still tied to the laws of gravity tho, sucks >_>

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