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[Gameplay] AI MOB Pathfinding.

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Issue title

AI MOB Pathfinding.

Steps to reproduce


Get about 20 pinecones.

Find a pig village

Build a line of trees in such a way that it cuts a pig off from its home, but there is a way to walk around the trees.

The pig will constantly path into the trees and never make it home.

Describe your issue

The AI always seems to want to take the shortest route back to its base/home.

However, if there is an obstruction they won't path around the obstruction they will continously path into it and be unable to return home.

I used pigs as an example, however all AI mobs do this.

Easy to reproduce with tree men, spiders and gobblers.

Pigs/ were pigs. get stuck on bridges between islands etc. Or will constantly path into the invisible walls that seperate the land from the sea, unable to make it home to another island.

It's not so much a bug, as it is a request for better pathfinding.

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