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Magic and Technology

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Nickdy    18

First off, i know some of you are against adding more magic to the game and just having technology and things of that sort but this is what i have for you So these are a few ideas i have for adding a bit of magic to the game.

Mandrake something I couldnt really come up with a clever title for this but... if you read one of my other posts i talked about natural disasters and basically this is crafted with some rare maybe magical item, and a raw mandrake, and basically it can only be activated during a natural disaster and it will stop the natural disaster instantly.

Silk suit: Do you remember that demon guy you meet in the beginning? well this suit will look kinda like his and require a ridiculous amount of silk, But its not all aesthetics this suit has no durability and reduces damage taken by 50% and i will leave it to your imagination what happens when you wear the top-hat and suit at once.

Cauldron This will work kinda like how the crock pot works but uses items found in graves, So basically, it will give a random magical item and will have very few if any definite recipies, some having good, some having bad effects on you or the world around you. Like maybe some are "Unknown potions" that can have a random effect rangeing from OP!!!! to DEATH!!!!!

I have completely run out of ideas for magic, if you have any post them in the comments

But now for technology

Fences: I know this idea has been posted millions of times already but i really think it should be done, and i have a few ideas on how they should work against mobs. Basically they have a set amount of hp perhaps around 2 log armors and monsters like tree guards, beefalos, and other walking animals of their type cannot go through the fence unless provoked to go through, but spiders can crawl over the fence and ghosts can pass through them. But lets talk about when they are damaged, depending on how damaged they are, they will visibly damaged and right clicking on it with a hammer and wood in your inventory you can go repair it.

Pier: These may prove to be difficult to add but i would advice having a set limit to the amount of piers available in a single map. So these will be crafted with gold, and a literal ton of boards and wood. But basically they will create this short boardwalk out into the ocean that you can fish off of. And you should probably make sure that its impossible to place a pier on a pier

Backpack This would be a item that uses the chest spot on your character to add maybe 3 or so inventory slots. And it will require a chest to craft the item

The next few will be questionable and probably only be useful if disasters are added

Lunar map This should be a map that tells you what lunar phase it will be tonight, and tell you what the upcoming lunar phases will be or if there is a upcoming eclipse. And can only be crafted with papyrus, and piece of meteorite stone on a full moon.

Disaster predictor: I have absolutely no clue what this should be called or how it should be crafted, but if disasters are added, there should be a way to predict disasters a day or two in advance.

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