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Possible "fix" for Steam slowdown.

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Hanti    10

Well i'm one of these that experience bad slowdowns / freeze on saves. I think i found a "fix" for the slowdown atleast, not much of a fix to be honest, but the slowdowns almost vanished for me. All i did was turning all the ingame sounds to 0.

Before that my game slowed down after 3-5 ingame day, now i played 25 day straight without a single slowdown, the short freezing on saves are still there, but meh, can live with it.

With sounds on, it feels like some kind of memory leak after a few ingame days, newer PC's don't seem to be bothered by that, but older ones feel it immediately i guess.

Hope this helps, and it's not just me imagine things.


Try turning off ingame sounds, worked for me.

Ps, sorry about my english ;)

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