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Are gassy moos even dumber now?

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Is this a bug or what?

I had gas pump behind a pneumatic door in my gassy moos' ranch to collect the natural gas, I had no issues with it whatsoever until the new update, then all the sudden, my gassy moos were stuck inside the door for some reason.

I said, ok, I'll just swap the door for airflow tiles... but they did the same thing!:


Now, i Before they sometimes got stuck in the corners, but now they are just smashing their faces into the walls.


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42 minutes ago, Tigin said:

Do your gassy moo ever get stuck if you move the drop-off somewhere else? I remember there's weird pathing issues with gassy moos and the right side of a solid tile

Now i remember having relocated that to make room for another gas grass, but now i don't remember if it was before or after the patch.

I'll check my saves, thanks.

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