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Make stagehand give sawhorse blueprint or just prototype it from science machine

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Cosmetics have no business being harder to get than this. Just as clean sweeper had no business being made from living logs.  

It's purpose for us is to make base pretty and for klei to sell skins. I don't see why sawhorse shouldn't be at science machine level.   

I would buy the furniture deals from shop in heartbeat but I don't go to ruins or pearl(unless playing wormwood in this case)  that often on public servers so I wouldn't make much use of the skins.  

Nobody benefits from that unnecessary requirement to build the sawhorse.

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If there's something you want, go strive for it, or even cheat for it, but don't move to trivialize it for the rest of us just because you want less game to engage with. I'm still burned that turfing was nerfed so badly to cater to this kind of entitled rationale. Refining and beautifying a base is most rewarding when balanced alongside the pressures of surviving the dangers of The Constant. Having a goal in mind, needing to go out and hunt/gather the resources needed to achieve that goal, and contending with whatever might get between you and your goal has been among the most foundational elements of Don't Starve as far back as I've been playing, and slashing the resource cost and/or multiplying the output of recipes has only made Don't Starve less satisfying and less of a game, so I'm against that kind of thing. I'd rather overcome whatever challenges are between me and whatever it is that I want, and anybody who'd rather it just be dropped gently into their open hands can just cheat it in the with the console.

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9 minutes ago, ShadowbirdRH said:

nerfed so badly

By nerf you mean reducing all turf's crafting cost so mass turfing is actually viable and not grindy as hell? What would be a buff then? Making all crafting recipes 4 times more expensive so you'd spend more time repetitively grinding for materials? This is ridiculous.

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