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Nightfall - A Story

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Just a story about me and some of my friends, with a touch of DST, so let's start with a setting in the Constant to give you guys the feeling that this book is purely about DST.

For many years, I've always wanted to be a part of DST (I understand that this is an unrealistic dream) but these books I write will help me share  my dreams of me being part of the Constant with the rest of y’all because yes.

A young girl, lost in thought.
Becoming ruler of The Constant would be a dream come true.
Who knew that her thoughts would become part of fate?
With friends that love her dearly.
On a journey to join The Constant.
Just to meet their wonderful friend, once again.


No cover art yet, but maybe soon I will make it when my art block passes through.

Nightfall - Prologue


It was a calm, breezy autumn day in the Constant. A young girl was chopping trees to help create a secure home for her and the rest of the Constant's survivors. As another tree was chopped, strange noises arose from one of the trees. The girl turned her head and gasped in fright upon seeing a treeguard summoning from the forest. She held up her axe in fear and called her sister to help with the fighting, but then a powerful force stopped the young girl from attacking the treeguard.

"Let. Go of me!" The young girl struggled in the vines that captured her right arm.

She quickly dropped the axe in fright, desperately wanting to be released from the vines.

The vines writhed aggressively so they could be able to free the young girl while also leaving dark red marks on her arm.

She looked at her arm in fright, soon collapsing to the floor to try and understand what happened.

Surprisingly, the treeguard left her alone, which was peculiar in many ways. The young girl turned her head swiftly, spotting her sister angrily storming up to the treeguard.

The young girl picked up her axe again to run up to the treeguard. "Abigail! Wait!" She yelled across the forest.

But it was too late, as Abigail had already started to attack the treeguard with full force. The young girl jumped to attack the treeguard but was pushed back by that familiar powerful force, head slamming into the hard forest ground.

.          .             .

The young girl slowly opened her eyes, waking up inside a tent.

"Wendy, are you okay? What happened out there?" Webber asked, putting her hair behind her ear.

Wendy looked around weakly with wonder at how she got in this tent. She then looked down at her hands, feeling a strange substance, and seeing blood flow down her wrists.

"W-what?!" Wendy panicked, soon feeling a deep pain in her lower torso, seeing blood pouring from an unfamiliar fresh wound.

"Wendy, don't worry, as we will get you a honey poultice for your wound as fast as possible." Webber frantically said.

"No need," Wendy struggled. "you guys don't need me; I'm a burden anyway."

"No! Don't say that! We all need you here! You can't leave us!"

"Ahh," Wendy groaned in pain, breathing heavily. "No, really, it's okay, suffering a wound that is this severe; I don't think I'll survive much longer."

Tears started developing within Webber's eyes, soon becoming a storm of crying. Webber gently hugged her to comfort her. Wendy panted in pain, groaning periodically. "I need to rest," Wendy exhaled sharply, soon to start panting again.

"Okay," Webber sniffled. "Wicker should be here soon to give you your honey poultice, you'll be okay, we promise." He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

Webber crawled out of the tent, tears still pouring from his eyes. He spotted Wickerbottom quickly walking to the tent with the honey poultice in her hands.

"Excuse me, sweetie," Wicker gently pushed Webber aside to get inside the tent.

"Sorry about the wait, Wendy," She panted.

"No, I don't, ahh, I don't need the poultice, trust me," Wendy panted and groaned swiftly.

"Yes, you do, sweetie, you'll feel better if you just let me-"

"NO!" Wendy aggressively shoved Wicker's hands away from the wound. "Why do you guys need to help me?!"

"Trust me, it's for the best," Wicker sighed.

Wendy hesitantly let Wicker heal the wound, no matter how much pain the contact caused. "What even happened out there? I can't remember," Wendy coughed and groaned once more.

"Well, according to Woodie, he was going to help you chop some wood, but then he saw you trying to fight a treeguard, but because of the new forces, it made you resist fighting, and then you landed unconscious as the treeguard cut a deep wound into your gut. Woodie wanted to help you, but he was too far away to save you immediately." Wicker spoke as she finished healing Wendy.

"Oh, no wonder how the wound got there," Wendy sighed. "Thank you for healing me, even if it still hurts,"

"Of course, sweetie," Wicker smiled gently. "Can you stand?"

"I can try, but I'm not sure because it's a lot of unbearable pain,"

"Okay, then, I will bring lunch to you if that is the case,"



Chapter One coming (maybe) Tomorrow!!

Edited by Jays Wing
Made some necessary changes
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4 hours ago, Jays Wing said:

I have actually, but I don’t do it because I either don’t have the attention span or it’s just very time consuming for me

Oh that makes sense the reason I ask is I’m sure your story is good especially sense it has Webber in it but I don’t have a very big attention span I figured animation is the way to reach others like me that you get recognized for your hard work by more

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