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Why does Wormwood still have zero lunar perks?

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I was just discussing this with friends not too long ago. There are currently 2 (3 if you count Wilson) characters that have roots in shadow magic/tools.

Wanda utilizes shadow contraptions.

Maxwell uses shadow magic.

Now is definitely the perfect time to think how wormwood can utilize the moons influence to gain an advantage. I don't mean the hinted at "sides" you can choose either. Something outside of that.

They've definitely missed a lot of opportunities, lunar baths, moonstorms, moongleam, etc

I had hope they would incorporate some of them into his kit but I guess Klei doesn't want to. It would definitely add to the diversity of the cast if some characters already had some synergy with the moon (not sure if woody counts). The connection is there, please Klei!

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