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Steam version and microstuttering walking arround the map

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xusnorris    10

Just tried the new update, has some new really cool adds :D

I tried the chrome version and works fine (any problem at all), but the steam version has some kind of problem, feels like the game has microstuttering when i move, if i don't move, the rabits, bees, spiders etc moves with smooth movements and animations, but if i walk arround the map i feel that microstuttering most of the time. I tried to change the resolution and nothing changes. I tried to force vsync, disable vsync, disable crossfire and lots of things in catalyst control panel and i can't get any improvement.

I can enjoy the game with the actual performance because is a really funny game, but please try to fix it to make the experience complete.

If you have any tip or recommendation to try to solve my problem, tell me please :)

My computer specs:

i7 860

8Gb Ram ddr3 1333mhz

Amd Radeon 5970 2Gb gddr5 (dual gpu card) drivers 12.8 + app profiles 12.10

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