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Putting Pearl Near Lunar

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Hi I'm trying really hard to put pearl near lunar, and I created a new room like this:

AddRoom("tiny_hermit",  {
--    tags = {"ForceDisconnected"}, --"ForceDisconnected"
	contents = {
		countstaticlayouts = {
			HermitcrabIsland = 1, 

and put it in the same task as the lunar continent. The thing is that it seems to mess up the lunar continent spawn, with one bit of land poking out into nothing, and pearl's island is still spawning in the middle of the ocean... anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

I tried putting it in a new task... but its just not spawning.. I dont understand...

AddTask("tiny_moon_island_forest", {
    locks = {},--LOCKS.ISLAND_TIER4},
    keys_given =  {},--{KEYS.ISLAND_TIER4},
    region_id = "island5",
--    level_set_piece_blocker = true,
    room_tags = {"not_mainland"},
    room_choices = {
        ["tiny_hermit"] = 1
	background_room = "Empty_Cove",--
	cove_room_name = "Empty_Cove",
	cove_room_chance = 1,
	cove_room_max_edges = 2,


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