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[suggestion]Add a storage item similar to the cork barrel

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leo920101    146

I know, I know, I know this one!
let's keep some neutral monkeys on our boat as house guest, so then they will pick up everything and keep them safe from the pirate raid.

and when the time is arrived, we just chop monkeys to death and get our stuff back!

less pressure now huh?

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-Variant    11812

Aww man! You beat me to it.
I was going to make a custom new one. I think it'd be awesome! 
I'd imagine it'd be made with the new Palm Scale item. I figured either replacing the cork on the barrel with it or making a new sort of chest "upgrade" like the mast upgrades out of one that'd lock the chests so mobs like Krampus, Monkeys, and Bearger have a harder time getting in.

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. . .    4872

it would be cool if klei added locks and keys so you could lock your container and only if you have the key you can open the container (which players can craft their own key as many times as they want and hand it to other players). the lock could be broken but it would have a lot of durability.

this would not only be useful against the pirate monkeys but also in general dst play with other people, especially on public server which you don't want other ppl to steal your stuff.

they could make it that you can't lock chests or place irreplaceable items in locked chests also like chester eyebone and stuff


locks and keys can just be made out of gold with alchemy machine. keeping it simple and easy to access is best.

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