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I'm open to mod commissions!

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Hey there, Sümi here!


I'm the creator of the Samurai Jack, the Welnyel, the Wolemorm and many other mods.

You can check them out here: Steam közösség :: Sümi :: Műhely-elemek (steamcommunity.com)

I'm open to commissions! Yay!

The most basic character order starts around 135 USD/135 EUR, but with additional perks or assets it can easily scale up.

I'm more of an art guy than a programmer, so it's better off if you propose similar perks that already exist.

I can also create tools and weapons, those would be generally cheaper to do.

I prefer to get half of the price after we settled on an idea and the other half at the end.

I use Paypal for transactions.


What I can do:

- Concept art and visual design

- A playable character mod (My experience with perk programming is limited, we would have to discuss your ideas and expectations beforehand)

- A playable item or weapon mod


What I can't do:

- Unique animation

- Advanced perk programming


In short, I would shine more in the visuals than in the programming department.


If you're interested feel free to hit me up on Discord: Sümi#3084

Current staus: Complicated, the best if you hit me up on Discord



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1 hour ago, C_Thun said:

The most basic character order starts around 135 USD/135 EUR, but with additional perks or assets it can easily scale up.

Sorry but can you give examples to make this more clearer, like what is a basic character and what are examples of additional perks. Ones that are not part of the ingame don't starve characters? 

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A basic character is like a simple Wilson without his beard-growth thing. Sprites, big portrait, everything that's mandatory for a character to exist in the game. (Minus the unique speech-file, that would make the whole job almost twice as long).

Additional perk is any perk that makes the character non-vanilla. I can create modified versions of already existing perks (food preferences, strength, etc). It varies on a lot of factors if I can create a certain perk or not. Of course, we would discuss it at the beginning, before you would commit to the commission.

If you check the perks of the survivors that I made for my own fun, you can take a decent guess about the limits of my skills. Though, I've had to ask for some help for a few of those as well.

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