Better sunken chest loot and or higher chance to get the marked spot

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Wonz    444

I rarely get to see the marked spot. Today on the public for the first time star have aligned when my farming buddy's seed pack burned I decided to go to the crabby hermit and take two shells from her for a new one. By chance I got the pinching winch unlocked and on the way back I found a bottle that revealed the X mark. After getting the chest to the base me, the farmer and my other buddy opened it.

Then we stood still, in awkward silence for 10 seconds, scanning with our eyes what we got.

1 red gem

3 broken shells

5 cookie cutter shells

3 boat patches

5 salt

opulent pickaxe

Even when searching on purpose it's hard to get the mark. The anticipation was fun until we found out about this funny loot.

I checked the other possible loots and that would be great if players could work outside of winter to get things like walking cane with a fairly possible chance of not depending on a mob that spawns from 1 or 4(uncommon) spots on the map once every 20 minutes and only in winter that has a CHANCE 50% to drop cane ingredient. But now you'll be lucky if you get it after 30 bottles. From what i heard bottle spawns once every 1-2 days unless you snatch ones that spawned for other players. The chance for a bottle revealing a mark could be higher and the chance for higher-tier loot could also be increased to a level where people would want to do this because the chance to get what they pursue isn't abysmal. Gears definitely should be common loot. Please make it a mechanic that allows late joiners still make necessities like flingo or icebox without figuring out where ruins are. 

Also a bit about sailing please make turning slightly faster, sail is expensive and difficult to control. Most experienced players just use oar instead.

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Wonz    444
22 minutes ago, Well-met said:

All bottles should 100% spawn a marked spot after all Pearl quests are finished

That would suck since it's impossible to get cactus flowers before summer. How about trading 2 empty bottles for a mark?

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Theukon-dos    4020
4 hours ago, Echsrick said:

i do know that you can sometimes get thulecite gear from it right?

Yes, but only Pick/Axes and Thulecite suits. You also have a chance to get raw Thulecite. But you still need to go to the ruins for that.


Anyways, what platform are you and your friend on? If it's steam, I know a couple mods that you could use in the mean time.

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