How would DST character survive in a society?

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You know, you should make one big thread that you can put all your questions in. It'd be a lot more organized that way, and you can edit polls even after you make them, so you could keep updating them for your newer questions for fresh answers. The Waoling master thread. That being said.

14 minutes ago, Waoling said:

How would they interact with people outside of the Constant?

I'd imagine they'd probably ask what year it was and then try to settle into a new normal.

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Mysterious box    2026
11 hours ago, GelatinousCube said:

Wurt, Webber, Wortox and probably WX too would be abducted by government agents and experimented on. 

Straight to Area 51 with them. 

So what your saying is merms, spiders, and imps are gonna start a twitter thread about raiding area 51?

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