Should Klei keep focusing on Ocean updates before the next story arc


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    • Yes, some new biomes and things to do would help
    • No, i would rather them just move on to the new arc

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AstroSam    20

Do you think that klei should add more content to the ocean to make it feel more lively

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Theukon-dos    4020

Strictly speaking, Klei could very well make more ocean updates as part of the next arc. But assuming they are seperate as this poll does, I'd say the ocean should take top priority.


While not as bad as it once was, Ocean content still suffers from the severe issue where it exists in a vacuum. Ocean content exists almost soley to... make you better at the ocean. While this makes sense on paper, it also means that if someone doesn't go sailing or doesn't care for sailing, then they're not really missing out on anything. The only things you can get at sea with direct benefit on land are salt boxes and Above-average tree trunks. There are also a lot of food sources out there, but the only ones that really do anything special enough to warrent collecting are Stone Fruit, Kelp, and Barnacles.

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GelatinousCube    1290

I do want more ocean content for sure but I'd rather have story/progression content more. Like sealed portal, new bosses, new endgame stuff etc.

Dungeons similar to hamlet would be nice too. 

I just need more endgame content tbh.

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Mike23Ua    14490

There is 3 setting the stage updates planned for this years roadmap, SETTING THE STAGE FOR THE NEXT ARC…

we have yet to see even the first and we are halfway through the month of May.

I have no idea what a setting the stage update is but after Klei changed and then reverted boat crafting recipes saying they’ll change them in a more appropriate update- I’m willing to bet it’ll involve that.

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