[Bee Queen Strategy] Wall Cross, Wanda Solo, No Special Items

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goatt    906

@Keller Max

Same setup as before. But instead of automatic fire, you can use an explicit fire source.



The fight


Some more details:

1. Choice of flammable. I think mini signs and logs are not that good because of their shot burning time. Boards and ropes are far superior. Ropes are cheaper cuz 1 rope requires you to only pick up 3 grass, but 1 board requires more actions.

2. Amount of flammable. In my experiments (long time ago), the best number is 35 (ropes). Below 35 is slower, above 35 is not (noticeably) faster. BQ usually dies within 6 min with 35 ropes.

3. Just for whoever doesn't know this very important thing: the flammable needs to be dropped 1 by 1 individually rather than as a stack of 20 ropes.

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Theukon-dos    4020

Welp, just tried this strat out after a moderatly-successful WX-78 Ruins Run

C07FF32247BDCA3BEDF0C14336B721B36DA540A6 (1920×1080)

Thank you, for my first legit* Bee Queen Kill. It was down to the skin of my teeth in the end, but it definitly went better than most stratagies I see.

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*I only had to save scum once
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