[W] Animal Backpacks [H] Tons of Dupes **CLOSED**

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lakhnish    4834

**Trade and links has been closed as no more trades are coming in.**

I am looking for the following Backpacks:

  • Beefalo Carryall
  • Catcoon Carryall
  • Rabbit Rucksack
  • Scorching Satchel (if anyone is even willing to trade this in the first place :p)

In exchange, I have a lot of dupes that may be of interest to you.

Note: The following dupes are not for trade:


Essentially skins that belongs to Wilson, Wickerbottom, and Maxwell as they haven't been reworked yet.

  • Twisted Rose Attire
  • Maxwell The Untriumph
  • Garden Rose Attire
  • Shadow Suit
  • Maxwell The Untriumph
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