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Poll: What changes would you like to see for Maxwell, if any?

Poll: What changes would you like to see for Maxwell, if any?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to see changes to Maxwell?

    • No, the character is perfect already
    • No, the character is fine as is
    • Yes, but only some QoL changes
    • Yes, some new mechanics would be nice
    • Yes, and I would love to see a full rework
  2. 2. Waxwell changes:

    • [QoL] Remove codex umbra as an item and just let him summon the shadows without it (still play the book animation)
    • [New] Max dapperness tied to his suit, which he has to maintain and repair
    • [QoL] Codex umbra can be used to "store" shadows inside it for later use (max sanity loss remains while stored)
    • [Disadvantage] Codex umbra starts out torn, and must be completed
    • [New] Maxwell can utilize magic tab items better than others (fire/ice staffs, telelocator, lazy explorer, star/moon callers, lazy gatherer, magilumi, etc)
    • I don't like any of the above options
    • Something else (comment below)

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loopuleasa    1998

Source thread is this:

Previously I asked "What character do you main?" and after, I contacted people that replied to the poll, I compiled a list of desired changes.

In this thread feel free to vote and discuss about this character.

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Cheggf    9459

They could literally do nothing except give him Wanda's magic related perks and I'd be happy lol. Personally I'd like if the tool requirement for the shadows was removed. Just a cost of 2 nmf each would be a lot more fun. Not really a huge buff since flint is easy to get, but I just think it's a little tedious to make tools then give them to the book. It would just let him be a bit more versatile without needing to carry flint and twigs around, and make his duelists suck a bit less since making spears just for them is annoying.

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hhh2    1226

idk maxwell is already one of the best characters, but giving him some QoL and more utility outside of resource harvesting would be welcome changes. As for disadvantages, 75 health is still a big disadvantage so... none.

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SinancoTheBest    6304

Like Wendy's rework, we desperately need more control over his minions, let us command them around, order them to stop, get certain stuff or get everything etc.

Many more variations of shadow minions please. Shadow tillers, shadow rowers, shadow wrecking crew. I'd really like his forge perk integrated in some way too where he uses a horde of shadow fighters to attack.

Additionally a different route to go would be to make his minions more neutral/changeable and make him able to equip his minions with tools, weapons and armor for different effects, be able to swap out tools etc.

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RoseAppraiser    285

Maxwell was someone who was privy to some of Their secrets. It makes sense that he learned a thing or two about the fuel and how to utilize it effectively.

Wolfgang's short proved how William (unintentionally) gave Wolfgang a boost in muscle mass. Who's to say Maxwell can't do something similar, such as temporarily spawning hordes of friendly shadows to help keep him safe. His frailty, from his prolonged reign on the throne, can result in shadows doing less damage to him. He would also have a proficiency or gimmick where he can repair nightmare fuel items at a reasonable cost, say some health and sanity.

He is also well-versed in Ancient history, so perhaps he can access some unique creations at a pseudoscience altar or at least prototype the basics.

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Frashaw27    1787

I'll just re post what I answered in response to Op's question


-Maxwell's Max Hp stays at 75

-Maxwell mow takes more damage from overheating and freezing

-Is less efficient at using tools/armors that are non-magical, having them run out of durability faster

-Physically cannot pick up statues and has to craft a specific Puppet to do so


-Maxwell's Current Sanity drain is now relegated to a "Tattered" version of his suit

-Maxwell can now use a Sewing Kit (Winona's Trusty Tape is specifically not useable) on himself to restore the suit to a "Dapper" version

-The Dapper Version has the 20 s/min that the base game had

-The Dapper version slowly corrodes over the course of 5 days, with the time dramatically decreasing upon getting above the "Water will ruin a good suit" warning of wetness, and getting hit without body armor

-Both versions will also temporarily lose their sanity gains upon the above wetness warning


-The Codex Umbra can be used to "store" the Puppets inside for later use. The max Sanity lost from the Puppets existing would remain until the Puppets are destroyed

-Puppets match Maxwell's Speed

-The Codex Umbra now spawns in incomplete with a few pages torn out (starts out with only the Puppets he now has available)

-Maxwell can now gain more puppets to craft upon getting to new heights in research

-All pages require a piece of Papyrus and 6 nightmare fuel along with a specified ingredient for each page to craft at their respective stations

Puppet Details Below:

  • Spoiler


    • Alchemy Engine: More worker Puppets. Specifically a Hoeing, Hammering, Rowing, and a "Bard"
    • The tool puppets work the same as the normal tool ones we have now, except the new ones only start preforming the action while Maxwell is doing it
    • The Bard would require a One Man Band and would cause a constant sanity drain to Maxwell, but increase the efficiency of his other Puppets


    • Shadow Manipulator: A Bodyguard, Duplicant, and Pack Mule
    • Bodyguard: Simply a better version of the Duelist. Takes 50% of damage from attacks (as well as taking the damage a player would get) and does 60 damage per swing. Kites with you. Requires a Dark Sword and the same max sanity of a Duelist
    • Duplicant: The Duplicant acts like how the original Puppets worked in DSA. They preform the same actions you do, kite with you, and deal 40 damage per hit when you attack something. What sets them apart is that they'll also mimic Maxwell doing actions with special actions, like using an ice staff or using a weather pain when Maxwell does. Requires an additional 4 fuel per summon and 30% of Maxwell's Max Sanity per Puppet.
    • Pack Mule; Gives Maxwell a Puppet that will carry statues and non important structures with them until Maxwell tells them to put it down. Telling the Puppet to put it down will allow the player to place it down like how they would place it originally. The Puppets holding the Statues will give Maxwell a speed debuff equal to 1/6th of the original slow down, Structures will give a unanimous 10% speed debuff regardless of structure type. Requires 2 cutstone, 15% Max Sanity, and 3 N. Fuel


    • (Repaired) Ancient Psuedo Science Station: Multi-Worker, Royal Guard, and Torch Bearer
    • Multi Worker: Works just like a normal worker of any tool, except slightly more efficent and can do any and all work actions. Also has decent Hp unlike the other tool Puppets. Requires a Pick/Axe, 35% Max Sanity, 4 N. Fuel
    • Royal Guard: The best version of the fighting Puppets. Decreases damage by 95% and deals 85 damage per strike. Requires a Thulicite Club, Thulucite Suit, 8 N. Fuel, and 50% Max Sanity 
    • Torch Bearer: Sticks to Maxwell like glue, providing the light range of a torch. The radius also makes it so that any and all Nightmare/Shadow creatures avoid you regardless of what sanity your at. Also deters any attacks from the Gesalts and their Greater variants. Requires a Torch (uses the Tragic Torch Skin on the Puppet as default), 25% max Sanity, and 5 N. Fuel.


    • Lunar Alter (any of them): Assassin, Mutant, Deathly Blessing
    • Assassin: Deals 68 damage per hit and kites with you, but has 0 defense and low Hp. It's basically the glass cannon version of a duelist. Requires a Glass Cutter, 2 N. Fuel and 25% Max Sanity.
    • Mutant: At the start of Every Day (Overworld/Ocean) or the High of the Nightmare Cycle in the Ruins, this Puppet will change to a random Puppet type that Maxwell had unlocked in his Codex Umbra. These versions will follow the design of the original perfectly, just being changed out roughly every day. When having multiple of these, they will transform into the same Puppet type upon the change occuring. Costs 1 moon rock, 2 N. Fuel, and 20% Max Sanity.
    • Deathly Blessing: Not actually a puppet, but rather an item that can be used on the Puppets. This will apply a status effect on the Puppet where they will die after 1.5 days, but they will also gain an efficiency boost during that time. Requires 4 Moon Glass Shards, 4 Nightmare Fuel, and a Purple Gem




-Maxwell gains a flat 50% durability boost to all forms of magical equipment, whatever they be staves, amulets, weapons, or armor.

-Maxwell loses half the sanity from casting and drains of magical equipment.

-Maxwell has unique interactions for each magical equipment

(some) Interactions Below:



  • Fire Staff: Durability increased to 100 (unaffected by Maxwell's base durability boost), Fires off normal balls of fire will alt click (2.5 durability per use), Fires off homing fireballs that deal 50 damage per hit (1 durability per use, can still light the enemy on fire)
  • Ice Staff: Each iceball has a small AoE and freezes stuff twice as fast
  • Telelocater Staff: Can choose the Telelocater focus to go to if used on Maxwell himself, resulting lightning strike will also not hurt him
  • Lazy Explorer: Teleporting cause entities to be pushed away slightly as well as taking 20 damage in a small AoE where Makwell telepoofed to. Deals 50 damage if the telepoof is directly on the enemy
  • Star Caller's/Moon Caller's Staves: Summons a Star that provides a light radius 1.5 times the size of the original, and lasts for twice as long
  • Deconstruction Staff: Gives back all items used in crafting (sans the gems) regardless of durability


  • Life Giving Amulet: Gives Maxwell +50 Extra Max Hp while he wears it
  • Chilled Amulet: Freezes the spoilage of all items in his inventory while he has it equipped
  • Nightmare Amulet: Gives a boost of efficiency to all Puppets while being worn (effect is be replicated/is stacked with the Bone Helm)
  • Lazy Gatherer: Picks up 3 items at the same time, costs 1 durability per each set of 3 items
  • Magilumiessence: Speed boost increased to 30% and gives a much larger light radius
  • Construction Amulet: All costs that are split in half are rounded down, chance to make the item for free at the cost of consuming double the durability


  • Dark Sword: Deals 75 damage
  • Night Armor: Upon taking damage, a short shield is spawned that prevents back-to-back hits/stunlocking
  • Thulecite Crown: Durability lost during the bubble is halved, the protection bubble is activated much more often
  • Thulecite Suit: Damaged is furtherly halved after reduced from the initial damage reduction
  • Thulecite Club: The shadow tentacles are amplified to be more similar to the shadow tentacles that Ancient Guardian had spawned


-Dealing enough damage via staves and having Puppets out will cause the Puppets to do a rush of damage similar to his Forge variant (tool Puppets dealing 20 damage with their hit, all other duelist Puppets deal their appropriate damage with their hit). During this rush, the Puppets gain invulnerability for 5 seconds as they retreat back to Maxwell's side

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medabunny    30

The only thing I would change is to give him finer control over his puppets and make the shadow duelists actually useful somehow, maybe better kiting AI or at least more health.

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vorti    195

I don't really play him, the playable version is kind of a disappointment for me. The former ruler of the world now chopping trees, his shadow magic is easily defeated by the first random treeguard. Also "Can split his mind into pieces" just sounds way more exciting than it actually is.

A main character like him would deserve the most game-changing* rework we've ever seen.


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321bwa    56

The ability to recall Shadows would be awesome. An actual animation/prompt for dispelling Shadows would be great too instead of Maxwell punching them.

Shadow Duelists could either respawn after being killed, have much more health given their bad kiting AI, scale in damage based on the amount of puppets deployed, or make them un-targetable by mobs.

I'm excited for his eventual rework in using advanced and showy shadow magic to make up for his frailness.

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loopuleasa    1998
2 hours ago, medabunny said:

The only thing I would change is to give him finer control over his puppets and make the shadow duelists actually useful somehow, maybe better kiting AI or at least more health.


I want to play shadow overlord.





57 minutes ago, 321bwa said:

have much more health given their bad kiting AI

No amount of health can compensate for bad kiting.

Dodge is the most important stat in this game apparently.

I like how Wendy with a simple on/off flower control can control aggro really well.

Heck, even Webber has good aggro control options with his spider tools.

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Cloakingsumo198    2266

I want Maxwell's max sanity to decrease in max size instead of getting black chunks when using minions.

So I can have workers without looking at the ugly insanity filter.

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Mike23Ua    15096

Remove the Maxwell puppets, re-design them as Shadow monster constructs that are still capable of doing all the boring Mining work, but are ALSO capable of fighting..

Example being- A summoned Crawling Horror or TerrorBeak could “Bite” Rocks to mine them, And if something attacks Maxwell they can stop what they’re doing to protect him.

Maxwell is the former Shadow king, yet in his current form.. all he can summon are a few cheap clones of himself.

Other changes: Codex Umbra is now held in his hand and Cast without needing to drop the book on the ground to craft from it.

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Anthony_L3hr    1329

I want his shadows to mirror his current speed, so like when holding a walking cane and wearing Magi., they would be able to run on par with Maxwell. 

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Mr_Vol    11

I main Maxwell and you will always find me riding a Beefalo, if you are going to make it so Maxwell can summon Shadows in his hand (without dropping the codex) please make it so you can do it while on tip of a Beefalo. 

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