The fishing system we have vs the farming system we have

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Theukon-dos    4020
6 hours ago, Keller Max said:

Don't forget about barnacle farm

As someone who's used Barnacles as a main food in the past, and would definitely use them again. Their point still stands rather firmly. Ignoring the fact that you don't fish for barnacles, they are still just food. Even if they're one of the better food sources in the game, they're still just food. You're not missing out on much if you never go sailing or set up a big colony of 'em.

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lionking102    392

I'm also waiting for a fishing book, wanted this for a long time. I also would really lilke some form of fish farming and having our own ponds. I don't know if it fits the game, but I would love it so much. Especially for people that don't want to fight and play more of a "support" role on a server something like that could be cool!

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kirihime    159

most of the time you're not on a boat
even when you are on a boat you need to stop moving in order to fish
small fish aren't worth bothering with, catfish and lionfish aren't worth the trouble, and usually I don't carry baits on me for the vegetarian fishes
weight is meaningless outside of mermking or pearl

there's also some level of psychological obstacles at play, in practice you can use any colour lure at any time of day and get decent results, but it *feels* like you need to have the set, it also sucks to lose one. You can't guarantee the quantity or quality of fish you'll be catching, so it's not really something you'll build your plans around
tackle receptable is another step to the process and requires a driftwood, which requires a boat, which plus the think tank and oar is 33 logs

at the end of the day, it's just a way to get food, and there's already a lot of far more efficient ways to do that
that said, I do enjoy the fishing when I end up doing it, it's nice to see a school of wobsters or mudfish while wandering near the coast, and whip out the rod, coming home with a bunch of food

despite all this I'm kind of tempted to say fishing is fine
if players were at sea more they'd fish more
boating and the ocean is better than it used to be but there's still just a lack of things out there and reason to be there
give us islands klei
even if they had just generic forest on them they'd be good

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