WX-78 Lore Analysis (Compendium and Short examination)

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Cowboy Maxwell    483

Wouldn't it be such a twist if the person that WX used to be as an organic was somehow related to Wagstaff? Like a brother or a son? I know there's no evidence for it, this is just me speculating on how much angst and drama there could be hiding.

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Mday    494

The way I understand it:

1) Wagstaff's colleague come up with the conclusion that organic component is bad.

2) He build a WX-78 and a memory cloning unit. When he is ready he asked Wagstaff to help activate it.

3) WX-78 wake up. Wagstaff greet WX-78, Wagstaff's colleague is not seen (more to that later).

4) As a robot WX-78 give assistance to Wagstaff's portal, but it is having issue to cope with the loss of his human body. From this WX-78's point of view, he is a human trapped in a robot body. Therefore the indention was not to turn himself into a robot.

5) Wagstaff's colleague is either dead/in vegetative state. Otherwise he should be working along side WX-78.

6) WX-78 lost it. Wagstaff try to claim it down but he fail. Seeing how this can potentially be dangerous Wagstaff destroy the rest of the robots. He also disconnect WX-78's memory unit to stabilize it.

7) At some point Wagstaff dispatch WX-78 to the Constant. May be this is how Wagstaff retrieve material/spiders from the Constant.

8) After a pigman raid, WX-78 is damaged. Winona is really addicted to fixing things. She see a disconnected part, she has to reconnect it with spare wiring.

9) WX-78 "remember" his origin. He decided to live as a robot, so he destroy the unit. That also clears up some internal space for circuit upgrade.


about point 6)

I think it is also possible that, somehow WX-78 was confessed. It "think" it is Wagstaff's colleague, which is a human. So it try to continue with the experiment - to create robot and clone it's memory. Wagstaff try to convince WX-78 that it is a robot, but WX-78 reacted aggressively. Hence Wagstaff burn the rest of the robot and unplug WX-78's memory.

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Zhuzha    1394
On 4/28/2022 at 10:45 PM, ShadowDuelist said:

Spoiler from Portal 2:

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Overall WX story is very similar to Portals game series main antagonist. GLaDOS


And the whole "digitizing human consciousness, and subsequent disconnect between formerly organic mind and robotic body" is a huge theme in SOMA.

My point is: somebody, please, draw WX, GLaDOS and Simon hanging out.

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