Your opinion on DST crossover fanfiction

Your opinion on DST crossover fanfiction  

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  1. 1. Do you like DST crossover fanfiction

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minespatch    95573
21 minutes ago, Dextops said:

"dst fanfics are bad"
my brother in christ what about

Where's the chester baloonicorn? :wilson_sneaky:

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CameoAppearance    2994

Some fanfiction's good, some fanfiction's bad, you could honestly say the same thing about unedited amateur original fiction but it's really easy to find bad fanfiction on the internet. Don't Starve fanfic is not an exception to this!

As for crossover fanfic specifically, I like it if I like the thing it's being crossed over with and they're combined in an interesting or clever way, but I won't get much out of it if it's not.

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