[Suggestion] More 1-slot circuits

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Anthony_L3hr    971

Maybe a one-slot circuit for WX-78 to produce a manure like Beefalo every few minutes, more poop would be produced if there is more of the same circuit plugged in other slots. Six "brown" circuits would allow WX-78 to produce a mound of dung like the Beetles from Hamlet, lol. The circuit could be unlocked from scanning Beefalo, Koalaphant, pigs? And batilisks.

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leo920101    144

Maybe one of the slots will short-circuit from time to time

So the player has to play a little Tower of Hanoi game and move the circuit to another slot

Let's call that plan B in case of all existing circuits actually can not be modified

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Ashkain    1210

I'd really like one slot circuts that improve work speed, like picking grass and twigs and such. Maybe even one that lets him harvest stuff with tools faster in exchange for higher durability consumption like Wolfgang. Obviously not as strong as him, but just a nice boost here and there.

With diminishing returns of course unless you really wanna stack 6 of them and turn into a sentient combine harvester.

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