Online retailer selling ONI screenshots?

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TaeganRiles    7

Trying to find some example ONI builds I stumbled on this "online retailer" trying to sell screenshots of ONI builds? And the bot comments... :roll:



... looks pretty scammy doesn't it?  The design pictured even came from these forums... just, wow...

I posted this because I felt I should notify someone about it.  Not sure if anything can be done about it other than warning people.  I can provide the URL if needed but I don't want to share it publicly at the risk of driving traffic to a questionable website.  Be careful out there.

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Additional info.
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TaeganRiles    7

NFT people have a very strange concept of ownership. :confused:
I'm pretty sure most everyone else would consider selling screenshots of someone else's work to be some form of theft or scam.

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