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[Suggestion] Small tweak for translations

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Queron81    640

I really appreciate the changes on the crafting system and the option to choose a language mod. It works very well in the description field of the items, as the font size is changing when there are longer words or more text. But the name of the item is still in one line and the font size there is not changing, if the name is longer. As some languages have longer words, it can look like this:


Would it be possible to split an item name on two lines, if it reaches a certain amount of letters, as there would be enough space?

And as you added the language selection, would it be possible to make a small QOL update for translations soon? Problems are some buttons/fields with a fixed width and the missing translations in the character quotes (characters are only giving the original quotes, even if there are the translated strings in the PO-file).

PS.: I'm working on a german translation mod having 23.496 subs, but it is not in the selection you have put into the beta branch for the german language. The two translation mods there aren't that up to date. If there aren't any problems with the mod, could you please add it (or message me):

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