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Dear Klei,

I want to apologize to Klei for this post, please keep it posted as long as you can. 

Dear Players

There is no other way for me to communicate to the world. I am not crazy, you know me for years. At this point, our REAL world may come to the end. You may not believe it but the nuclear war is one step away (and it may destroy the whole planet). All English-speaking media are controlled by a group of people (globalists?)  which protects the truth to leak out to people. Youtube, tiktok, facebook, google are all part of this cyber war. Any news that they present are twisted to show the black is white and vise versa. It is not a war of Russia against Ukraine (by the way, do you know that the war has started 8 years ago and 15000+ civilians mostly women and children were killed before 24th of February ?) but Russia against USA block controlled by a few people. The cyberwar may quickly escalate to the nuclear war. In fact, USA congress is to make decisions within days to escalate the conflict to the next level (and after that the nuclear strike may become possible by any side).  I do not take any side specifically but it is the fight of a few mighty people (they are hidden from the public) against the whole globe and I am not one of these few (here is my side). The truth will find its way through the tons of lies but it may be too late. Yesterday, two things happen: 

1. Ukrainian nationalists (or regular army) hit the central squire of Donbass capital with heavy missiles killing 21 civilian people and more than 50 injured.

2. Russian army hit a western military base of Ukraine with cruise missiles killing many Canadians, Americans and British mercenaries who were lured to the trap by the media. 

I know many of you are smart, intelligent people (that is the reason I choose this game). How we, the gamers, can prevent the third world war which will be nuclear? At least if we avoid the war, my post will save some gamers' lives (and their friends') who may incline to go for shooting safari in other countries.

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I don`t really think this is the place to talk about that. I understand you might have good intentions but i honestly hate when somebody tells me he knows the absolute truth and we were all lied to for years and are blind etc. Another thing is that it`s not possible to keep the truth from the world. There is too many people involved and it`s not possible to keep stuff secret for that long. I reject any conspiracy claims and i ask you to not post them here.

If you lost your account to some random phishing attack we understand.

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