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Rook Mage

The journal of the firestarter

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Rook Mage    21

thought that the other character journals were cool. I'm just gonna post every 20 min or so of gameplay, hope this is fun.Day 1 My eyes opened to find myself lying in a grassy patch surrounded by forest. Maxwell stood there. He's so condescending... Sheesh. I really hate that guy, and now he'd really done it by sticking me onto one of his own personal realms of torture. He should probably be burned at the stake. All he did is wink, and said, being captain obvious "Say pal, you don't look so good. better find something to eat before night comes!". I groaned, and dragged myself off of the ground, thinking to break his jaw with my fist, but he snapped his fingers and disappeared with a puff of smoke. Ugg, that stuck me on a deserted island with no food, no friends, and a box full of matches in my pocket. I didn't even have my old teddy bear Alfred to keep my company. I thought about crying, but Maxwell's words ring in my ears. "Better find something to eat before night comes". I walked through some forest, and pop out into a grassland. Tall grass grew out of the ground, and some saplings and flint littered the area. I grabbed some sticks and grass, thinking I should make a torch for the night. Maxwell had told me about a few things in the realm he had prepared for me, such as his pet charlie who would love to take a bite out of me. I could probably scare him away with one of the matches in my pocket, but I really don't want to be stuck out at night. That's not good for your sanity... Just thought about that. In case I wasn't carrying enough, I fashioned an axe out of the materials on the ground and start hacking at a tree. The trunk wasn't too thick so I chopped through pretty quickly, wishing I had a chainsaw, and Alfred. I decided to stick by some sort of food source if I wanted to survive, possibly a cattle of some sort. To do that would take a bit of exploring, but would be worth it if it saved my life, so i grabbed some carrots and berries and marched into the woods again. I passed a small patch of savanna before running into a road. That's right, a paved road. Thinking about human life I ran north. Past a swamp, where I gathered some reeds and ran into some giant scary not-very easily burned tentacles, and into a village with absurdly small houses. Pig people walked about. That's right, pig people. I sighed. These where something Maxwell had told me about. At least I could have some company. I walked back onto the road, as night was starting to fall, looking for a good base camp. After about a five minute walk, I passed one of the savanna patches I had crossed getting to the pig village. There, around ten huge cow-buffalo type animals grazed. I'm embarrassed to say my mouth watered a little. It was then I realized i hadn't eaten all day. I shoved some berries into my mouth... Mmmmmm.... I grabbed my torch, as the sun set completely, and headed south. Day 2 Another pig village waited there, and in the center lay a bone with an eye on top. I picked it up, puzzled. I heard a boingy-boingy-boingy sound and looked up. A chest-shaped dog... thing.... Ran towards me, with a dog tag tied to it's neck saying "Otto Von Chesterfeild. If lost, return to grace of Warden." I laughed at the description. No way was I going to return my first pet to some dead guys grave. I stroked his horns for a little bit and headed back to the savanna.Day 3 That's where I am now, setting up a base camp. I need to get some sort of camp fire going for the long cold nights in Maxwell's realm, but other than that I'm good. I've put together some sort of science-y workbench research station that allows me to put together things to make better things. I'll be writing this journal on the papyrus that I've turned into a journal. It's nighttime now and I'll be working on it as I listen to the "beefalo"-what I've decided to call the buffalo made of beef- snore. I'm not all that great at writing, and I have no eraser here-all I'm using to write is some charcoal, mashed berries, and a twig- but hopefully I get off this island and can sell copies of this journal to become rich, though that's a little far off into the future. I shall be writing again soon, maybe even with some pictures.OK! next day done!Day 4I spent the day gathering sticks, mining rocks and picking grass. I managed to gather flint and some more carrots and berries. Midway through the day, it started raining. Most of the time I hate rain, it's a pain to light fires in, but this one was a thunderstorm. Lightning hit multiple saplings causing them to burst into glorious flame! I haven't been this happy since... yesterday when I found Chester, his fluffiness. I found that he would follow me when I carried his bone, and also, that he would store my stuff in his mouth! I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll survive longer than Maxwell thought I would. Tonight I've put together some walls and made a pitchfork to move the grass out of the way around my camp. I have a cozy little base now!Day 5I've fell into a sort of routine. Wake up, grab sticks, grab flint, grab grass, cut down tree, pick berries. It's calming, I feel a lot more sane than earlier, when i swear I was seeing eyes in the dark. Today, I ventured a different direction. Cutting down a tree, I realized something. The grass I picked four days ago had regrown. The trees grew from small to medium to large in a matter of days not weeks. Time seems to work differently here.. It's disconcerting. As I ventured further west, I saw a large flammable nest. I was tempted to go light it on fire when a very very tall bird walked into my sight, looking hostile. I decided to run. As i write this, I'm putting together a sort of "log suit" for protection against angry birds, and building more walls.Day 6Today I ran out of grass. I ventured further into the savanna and grabbed grass as I went along. I ran into a giant ebbed nest. Curious, i approached it. A giant spider the size of my head popped out. I smashed it's head in with my pitchfork. Monster meat for dinner... bleck. I prefer gobbler.Day 7Almost completed my walls!

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