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[Don't Starve: PE][Android][Bugs][Beta][1.19.4] Cloud backup get stucked

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SITUVNgcd    1

I'm a beta tester for 1.19.4. Cloud backup is the best feature in this version.

I enabled Cloud backup (Google Play Games), but no popup appear and no connection to Google Play Games. Other games normally connected.

If i turn on internet (Wifi/Moblie data), the game will "hang up" for a minute each time i click a button (change between screens).

If i turn off internet, the game work well like no cloud backup.

Phone info:

- Name: Samsung A7 (2018)

- Model: SM-A750GN/DS

- Android version: 10

- Update: September-01-2021 (latest).

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OdinTheGod0    0

I have the same problem hope they fix this I'm a beta tester to

Is there a way to get the normal version again


im on version 1.19.5 


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