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Hello there!

I'm trying to learn how to create a character mod, but I don't really know where to get started. I've got the concepts designed and all of the dialogue prepared (aside from gorge/forge content)

I know that I need to make the character designs and sprites, but I plan on doing those later.

I plan on creating Joker, from Persona 5.

My main features are:

  • Can craft Gold Nuggets into Bonus Sanity
  • Gains Sanity in Darkness instead of losing it
  • Can Dash forward, similarly to the Lazy Explorer, while holding a custom weapon (his Knife)
  • Enters the Constant with a Knife that does about the same damage as a spear, attacking faster if possible
  • Can craft Masks for Personas, each with different abilities. (I'll be explaining these later, but the personas will behave similarly to Abigail.)
  • Has a unique meter, like Beaverness or Might, called SP. 
  • SP is used to Dash, as well as being drained when a persona uses certain skill. Max is 50, and it's recharged at a rate of 1 SP every 5 seconds.

I would also like to add a few items:

  • Coffee Beans - Some sort of new food. Functions like in SW? (Can I add base game DLC content if it's not in DST yet?)
  • Coffee - Increases your movement speed. (It was in SW, so I'm not sure if I can do that.)
  • LeBlanc Curry - Crock Pot Recipe that requires a Meat, 2 Veggies, and a Coffee Beans
  • Rebel Knife - Same damage as a spear, slightly faster. (Crafted with 1 Gold, 1 Charcoal, 2 Flint, and 1 Rope by hand)

Persona Masks - Each mask can be crafted in a special tab called "Fusion," and usually requires 2 nightmare fuel and one additional item. When equipped in the head slot, it summons a follower, similar to Abigail, with different skills.

  • Arsene - Requires 3 NMF - Deals AoE, but only attacks when you do. Can use 25 SP to do an AoE attack with x2 the strength of the Rebel's Knife.
  • Jack Frost - Requires 2 NMF and 1 Blue Gem - Provides ~120 (Cold) Insulation and immunity to being frozen. (Uses 15 SP each time you're not frozen.)
  • Pyro Jack - Requires 2 NMF and 1 Red Gem - Provides ~120 (Heat) Insulation and makes you take longer to catch fire. (Uses 15 SP each time you're not set on fire.)
  • Alice - Requires 2 NMF and 1 Purple Gem - Shadow Creatures ignore you until attacked, no matter the Sanity level. Can use 40 SP to revive ghosts.
  • Mothman - Requires 2 NMF and 1 Moonrock - All forms of Gestalts ignore you until attacked, no matter the Enlightenment level. Can use 40 SP to revive ghosts.
  • Daisoujou - Requires 2 NMF and 1 Thulucite - Whenever Joker's HP is restored, Daisoujou will release a small area that heals nearby players for 50% of the health factor. (Can restore a small amount of sanity for 35 SP?)
  •  Raoul - Requires all other Person Masks and 1 NMF - Deals AoE damage when you attack, provides 80 Cold and Heat resistance, prevents Shadow Creatures and Gestalts from attacking you until attacked, and provides AoE healing when Joker is healed, for 30%. Can boost Damage, Defense and Speed of all nearby players for 50 SP

I've also got several samples for his voice, but don't know how to implement them.

I plan on implementing things in waves, of sort. Starting with the stats, then basic items, before moving to the phantom dash and SP, and then the Personas and all their skills.

After that, I'll add the LeBlanc Curry and Coffee/beans, since I'm not sure if I can add coffee.


TL;DR, I have no idea how to use the .lua format and need help getting things figured out. I'd like to mod this my self, but if you're willing to do some of the heavy lifting (including implementation and art assets) I would LOVE to have your help.

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