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Murdered piko don't drop stolen items


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Category: Gameplay

Platform: Steam

Do you use mods? No

Version number: 429404

Issue Title: Murdered piko don't drop stolen items

Steps to reproduce:

1) Use a trap on piko after it has stolen an item
2) Once piko is in inventory, murder it using right clic
3) The piko will be turned into a morsel, but whatever it had stolen will be gone forever

Describe your issue:

Pretty much what is stated in the steps to reproduce this bug. The piko will not drop whatever it had stolen if murdered in the inventory, and that includes special items like Woodie's Lucy the Axe. While I have not tried it, it's safe to assume that cooking a piko that has stolen an item also won't give it back... A very simple solution would be to make the piko drop its inventory when it gets cautght in a trap.

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