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Knobbly Tree Should Protect Base From Snowing

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just ranting. It would make sense the giant tree that can protect your base from wildfire, lightning, rain can also prevent snow

It should prevent snowing! So I can see my nice flooring and have a sense of "home" when come back under the tree in winter:spidercowers:.

I also want to keep shrooms safe (although not growing).


edit: typo, grammar

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Yeah or the Scaled Furnace could have an AoE on removing snow around it.

And you know what, I'd like less snow in the base for more cozyness, but I'd also like more snow on the ground when exploring. You know, like a true hellish (freezish?) blizzard; something like the sandstorm in the desert but less impactful and that last only for a time. This event could be predicted by the Thermal Measurer (:O omg look at that, a new life for this useless thing). Also you could craft snowshoes to go through it... But there's no equip slot for feet so it could be a thing that just having it anywhere in your inventory would do the trick. 


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22 hours ago, Hornete said:

Unfortunately it's hard to pull off technicality wise, would take a little reworking of the snow floor system.

i don't know much about the technical aspect. But they did pull off the tree shadow animation. 

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...so I was initially thinking that a mask system using the shadows of the tree could be used to hide the snow layer.
I didn't mention it due to having no idea how that could work, and not having any examples in mind...

But supposedly Island Adventures used a mask system to hide spiderwebs on the ocean, at least at one point.

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