Making "Idle" a good thing

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Sasza22    3879

I remember they made idle dupes prefer areas with oxygen. They should also prefer areas with higher decor and moderate temperature. If idling for more than one schedule block they should attempt a recreation task.

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Lupbert    19
On 10/26/2021 at 6:51 AM, Gadd said:

With Spaced Out, it's even easier than before to end up with dupes that don't have any reachable tasks, like pilots or "finished" colonies. While this should be a great thing where dupes can just relax in the recreational area, the result today is the stressful "Idle" warning and dupes randomly running into CO2 pits or heat zones and looking stressed out.

It would be awesome if my dupes just chilled out in the recretional area when they ran out of tasks.

As a workaround, you can make a "gym".  This is a room with hamster wheels, each plugged into a lightbulb.  Set priority to 1.  Set automation to disable them for a fraction of a second every couple seconds.  This will cause your dupes to spend their free time on the wheels, which has a bonus of training their speed so they can do things faster.  The automation timer is because once a dupe starts running on a wheel, they'll ignore higher priority tasks, so it's useful to kick them off the wheel occasionally.


For strength training, take a look at this post:


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KonfigSys    275

Same as proposed by Lupbert,

to avoid idle dupes I have some tasks with very low priorities.

Ideally if they dupes have a lot of free time, they should go into recreation rooms.

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